What we offer

ReMedi HR specialises in the recruitment of healthcare professionals. We strive to understand our clients business, culture and values, so as to help us better identify and retain ideal talent to join your team. Our clients are treated with the highest level of professionalism and integrity as we believe in forging long-term partnerships, becoming the trusted supplier our clients turn to for their recruitment solution.

Selection process

We take pride in only representing the highest caliber medical professionals, and always meet our candidates prior to presenting them to a client, with the exeception of international candidates who we screen via the use of video conferencing. Each applicant is rigorously interviewed to ensure that we are able to propose the highest standard shortlist for each requirement.


We offer a range of recruitment solutions to best suit our clients needs:

  • Contingency: Ideal for clients looking for a fast turn around and multiple candidates to review.
  • Exclusive: We take sole responsibility for our clients search process, working within a pre-determined time frame to suit their requirements.
  • Retained: The best approach for senior level positions. We work as partners with our clients to pre-screen, interview and strategically place candidates that will add significant value to their team.

For any queries please give us a call at +(61) 420251265